Matrix Aromatherapy

Matrix Aromatherapy was founded in 2016 by a father and son team looking to become the go-to source for aromatherapy accessories. Since its beginning, the vision of Matrix Aromatherapy has always been to provide a quality product at a fair price, while maintaining a focus on ethical and environmentally conscious business practices.

 With the rapid growth of the aromatherapy market, it was clear that more people were looking to essential oils for their therapeutic effects. The first step in creating Matrix Aromatherapy was to develop a line of innovative products that would help people experience the benefits that essential oils have to offer. In its early stages, Matrix Aromatherapy operated out of a small shop in Nampa, Idaho with only 1 employee. During this time, Matrix provided a limited assortment of aromatherapy accessory products to independent natural retailers across the country. Over time, the product selection has grown to include a wide variety of aromatherapy products including AromaLocket, a personal essential oil diffuser necklace. Since the introduction and apparent success of the AromaLocket, Matrix has been able to hire several new employees from the local area. Providing jobs to the local economy is an integral part of the company’s core values.

 Moving forward, the goal of Matrix Aromatherapy is to maintain its position at the forefront of the industry by providing innovative and exciting products that help people live happier, healthier lives.