Doctor's Choice



Our line was founded with a commitment to provide the natural health industry and its clientele with supplements of the finest quality, in precise formulations, following the highest possible standards.

Doctor's Choice is commited to providing licensed products that distinguish themselves as effective alternatives to allopathic medicine, making them available exclusively to Naturopathic Doctors.

Quality of Life PRO



When you choose QOL Labs, you can trust your supplements to work, because 100 percent of the ingredients in every product we manufacture are provided in dosages that match the clinical research.


Saffron 2020 PRO

For individuals concerned about their eyesight in macular degeneration (AMD) or cataracts, and also every-one over age 18 concerned about maintaining eyesight.

Saffron 2020-PRO is a proprietary product that delivers a synergistic combination of saffron, resveratrol, lutein and zeaxanthin in a convenient once-daily vegetarian capsule.



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