Incorporated in 1994, Tasly is a leading biopharmaceutical and herbal health products manufacturing and marketing group company. SalvTonic was developed in 1990s by Tasly with modern technologies and high quality assurance. It’s a breakthrough natural formula that provide effective multitarget protection for the heart and blood vessels. Now, it’s in phase III FDA clinical studies in the U.S. It has been registered and used in more than 30 countries.


Quality of Life

Quality of Life (QOL) was established with the mission to provide consumers with access to life-changing nutraceutical ingredients. QOL guarantees that each ingredient in every product is validated in human clinical studies and delivered in dosages supported by those studies.


Oral Science


 Oral Science is committed to supporting oral health professionals in achieving optimal clinical results for Periodental disease, Implant mantenance, Xerostomia, tooth sensitivity, high risk caries and whitening.

Konjac Sponges by washbeautyco

washbeautyco. konjac sponges are 100% all natural and carefully handcrafted from sustainable konjac root plants from Jeju Island in South Korea, which has some of the purest water and richest volanic soil in the world. I am also proudly created responsibly in a cruelty-free environment. 




At Sunfood, we are on a quest to help you discover the healing, energy and longetivity power within you. We do this through education, and by providing the most nutrient dense, raw, organic, non-GMO superfoods on the planet.



Olie™ Naturals is passionate about providing high quality whole food supplements that we believe enhance and promote the stabilization of health. That is why we, at Olie™ Naturals, are dedicated to bringing you carefully procured whole food supplements that will assist in potentially attaining a lifetime of health, with minimal therapeutic intervention.

























The scent-free, compostable, desired alternative to synthetic wipe or face cloth. Made of natural pulp fibre whitened by an oxygen-based H2O2. Wet & unroll a soft lint-free, durable bacterial-free 22 x 24cm wash!

ADR Systems



Winner of several awards including best invention, ADR products help relieve symptoms associated with electrosmog: microwave, cell phone, EMF, Geopathic and other negative fields. Users of ADR products report improvements in energy, alertness, vitality and well-being.


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