North Prairie Family Farms

Canada’s own North Prairie Gold is the first of it’s kind, farmer owned, Non-GMO Certified, European cold pressed Extra Virgin Canola Oil. 




BOLEMA introduces a unique line of functional natural health drinks formulated with proven plant extracts and quality juices. The result is great tasting drinks with powerful botanicals.





Stoüt Daily SPF for Men is a brand-new, premium all-in-one natural SPF face cream that provides hydration, rejuvenation and protection.



Glutenull is a Vancouver based certified gluten free bakery dedicated to bringing you fresh premium quality wholesome and tasty foods. We have a large variety of products suitable for celiac and gluten intolerant customers as well as vegans and diabetics.






Authentic matcha is an ancient shade grown Japanese green tea that has been part of the Zen Buddhist culture for many centuries.

Only the fine top leaves of the shade grown tea plant are slowly stone ground into an ultrafine, jewel-green powder. It is the only form of tea in which the whole leaf is consumed, giving you 100% of its powerful arsenal of nutrients, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and amino acids. At DōMatcha, we pride ourselves on our authenticity and quality.



Acorelle was created in 2005 in France. The Acorelle brand was originally a pioneering brand in the organic and natural beauty market.

Its aim was to develop effective, innovative and pleasant-to-use products that respect women and the environment.


Dr. King's



Dr. King’s Natural Medicine®, manufactured by King Bio®, specializes in condition-specific homeopathic remedies formulated in a pure water base with multiple ingredients in multiple potencies.

This practice creates medicines that can address a broad-spectrum of symptoms safely and naturally.



Peter Lamas



Peter Lamas units natures and science for healthy products that deliver on their promise.

Esch products uses a synergy of exotic extracts, powerful botanicals,and protect herbs to enhance all skin and hair types. All our products are 100% vega and free from parabens, sulfates and animal testing.



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