Rishi Tea


Rishi Tea travels the world every year to source organic teas and herbs of extraordinary character and freshness. The long-term, direct relationships we’ve fostered with tea-growing communities enable us to create an enriching world of tasteful tea experiences to be savored and shared.


Real Salt


At Redmond Trading we’re passionate about wellness and believe nature has it right with products and people. We embrace real and believe it to be the essence of life and the source of wellness of mind and body.

Power Organics

Each ingredient is complete and potent all on its own. When combined together... Pure Alchemy!


Palma Christi



Since 1999, Innov’Import is committed to supply stores & therapists with the highest quality of therapeutic Castor Oil (organic certified or conventional) helping people be in better health. Product lines: Palma Christi (castor oil), Palm’ Hydra (castor oil based body care products), Ghassoul (Moroccan clay), and Insta’Heat (heating pad).





NutriBiotic is committed to helping individuals achieve healthier, happier lives by providing innovative, high quality nutritional supplements and personal care products that are environmentally friendly and cruelty-free.


Nordic Naturals



Omega-3 Fish Oil and Nutrients Essential to Health



Newco is a Calgary based company focused on “Natural” Personal Care products with Australian Tea Tree Oil. No glycols, parabens, sodium lauryl or laureth sulfates and no synthetic flavors, fragrances or colors are used in the products or in the ingredients used in the products.



Nellie’s all-natural was inspired by - you guessed it - Nellie. She believed in honesty, simplicity and saying it like it is. These beliefs have inspired us to develop a line of non-toxic, hypo allergenic and environmentally friendly cleaning products that reduce consumption and allow you to use only what’s needed.


Sovereign Silver

Sovereign Silver is the #1 selling silver brand in the US, carried in over 6,000 health food stores and natural pharmacies. Since 1999, Sovereign Silver has provided consumers with the safest, purest, and most effective form of colloidal silver (referred to as Bio-Active Silver Hydrosol™) ever developed, for internal and external use.


Magnesium Plus

Magnesium-Plus is the only magnesium chloride soluble in water, its absorption and performance are maximized. Contains more magnesium chloride than any other brand on the market.


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